Odisea Cochon Wines 

About Us - Cochon Wines

Cochon Wines is the brainchild of Adam Webb and Mike Kuenz, owners of Odisea Wine Company, which is a Rhone and Iberian specialist using California grapes. Cochon, the loving French word for Pig, in this case refers to the use of the 300- liter French oak barrels Cochon Wines are aged in. The term Hogshead or Hog has long been used to describe these unique shaped barrels. We started experimenting with Hogsheads from our beginning in 2004 with Rhone varietals and particularly liked the results, especially with Syrah, where we found the Hogs yielded rounder, softer textured and more elegant wines. The result is this collection of small production California Rhone wines raised exclusively in French Hogsheads.    

Cochon Wines is located in the Napa Valley and our fruit is harvested from vineyards planted within two hours away from the winery. At this range we can insure the fruit arrives in the most pristine condition to begin its journey from grapes to wine. We buy our fruit from small family owned vineyards, which in some cases are being farmed by the third generation on their land. Most of our fruit is harvested in Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Mendocino County, Lodi’s Clements Hills and Clarksburg. Our wines are a testament to the hard work and passion of our growers.